One Week of Brodie

This has been a busy week getting to know Brodie. He's such a sweet dog, full of personality, very playful, but also so cuddly and loving. It's been quite an adjustment having to go outside many times in the 100+ degree heat, constantly keeping an eye on him, having to get up on a regular schedule even on the weekends. But it's so worth it! He's a great companion and I'm never alone - and I mean never!

Brodie's had a good time exploring the house, investigating all the nooks and crannies, checking himself out in the mirror, and playing with all the toys I bought him. I was really hoping his football rope toy would be his favorite, since he's named after a Bama quarterback, but he really hasn't played with it much. Oh well. He does love toys though. They're scattered all over my apartment!

Brodie LOVES to be outside! I've been taking him out much more frequently than I initially thought I would because I'm trying to housetrain him. We play ball (in the evenings after the sun goes down), go on walks, and one of his favorite things to do is roll in the grass. He also spends a good bit of time on my balcony. I'm glad to know he likes it out there, and that I don't have to worry about him trying to jump off, because in the fall and spring he and I are going to spend a lot of time out there writing. I just have to watch him, because he keeps digging up or tearing off my flowers. Silly Brodie!

On Friday I took Brodie to work with me. I knew there wouldn't be a whole lot of people there, and Dr. Wolfe was on the senior leadership retreat, so Brodie went in to help me work. Everyone who saw him loved him, and when our art teacher saw him she went home and got her dog so Brodie had a friend there. He was so good in my office, curling up in my lap and resting his head on my hand while I typed, napping under my desk, and following me from room to room as I worked.

The only real problem we've had is his Houdini nature. Seriously, the dog can climb a baby gate faster than I can say "stay"! He climbed the normal lattice-style gate within 5 minutes, so I bought one with vertical bars, but he climbed it after one evening. So now I'm doubling them, putting the normal one on top of the other. It's worked for now, but knowing Brodie, he'll break out of "doggie jail" in no time.

Anyway, that's Brodie's first week at home. We're bonding well, and he's doing great with his training. He knows "no," "stay," "sit," and "down." We're still trying to learn "come" and his name, and housetraining is a definite work in progress. But I'm confident he'll get it down soon.


Anonymous said…
Great pics Barb! I wish my cats would sit still long enough for pics! ;)

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