Bama Brodie

Even before I picked Brodie up from the shelter, I ordered him an Alabama collar and bandana so he would be ready for football season. We've waited and waited for them to arrive, and finally on Friday they did. I had been waiting to put on his nametag and rabies tag until his official collar arrived, so I quickly hooked them on the collar and put them on him. He didn't know what to do with them - he really didn't like them hanging down. Check out this video of his reaction - too funny! Ignore my voice. I sound really funny on video!

He reacted much better to the bandana. Doesn't he look adorable?! I'm so glad to be able to share football season with Bama's newest little fanimal.

By the way, I realize all my latest posts have been about Brodie. I will eventually post about something else. It's just I haven't really done much these last few weeks except work, prepare for class, and play with Brodie. But fall is just around the corner, so I'm sure I'll be going to the State Fair and doing all sorts of other fun fallish things. Just you wait!


Amie V said…
that's hilarious. i hope he's gotten used to them now. =D

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