Rangers vs. Yankees

Three Friday nights ago (yes, I'm way behind in my blogging!), I joined a group of my Wedgie friends for an evening at the Rangers ballpark. The Rangers are having an amazing season - they actually made the playoffs! And they were playing the Yankees in this game, so it was a really big deal. The stadium was really full, the fans were in rare form, and the weather was, well, HOT! It was in the 90s, humid, and very little breeze in those stands. But that was the only downside to the night. We cheered on the hometeam, snacked on cotton candy and snowcones (I resisted the french fries), enjoyed seeing The Blue Man Group on the jumbotron at various points in the game, and snapped lots of photos (like you would expect anything less!). At 10:45, the game was tied in the 8th inning, I was worn out, and so I decided to head home early even though there were fireworks scheduled for after the game. Good thing I did! The game lasted 13 innings, didn't end until after midnight, and the Rangers won! What a fun night :)

(This little guy was cheering for the wrong team, but was too cute!)

The Blue Man Group

What's a baseball game without cotton candy?
And yes, I did attend the game, though you wouldn't know it from my photo evidence. :) I've been waiting for Amy to email me a pic of me that she took, but I decided to go ahead and post without it.


Amie V said…
wow. what a game! =D

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