Brodie says "Roll Tide"

It's that time again, my most favorite time of the year - it's time for college football! The season started last Saturday with a resounding Bama win in their season opener. Today they're playing Penn State in what could be a difficult out-of-conference game. But I'm confident in my Bama boys. Brodie is too. He will be wearing his Bama bandana for every game this year, since last year Bama won every game that he wore it and lost every game he didn't. But he also now has an adorable little puppy jersey. He looks so cute in it! Right now his hair is so long that it sticks out from the front of the jersey like a man with too much chest hair - it's hilarious! And he's got his "roll tide" and "touchdown" tricks down pat. I can't wait to yell "touchdown!" at a Bama score and see him jump up and hold his front paws in the air. Did I mention that I love college football? ROLL TIDE! :)


Amie V said…
those are great bama tricks! love it. =D
Genny said…
Cute, cute, cute! Love the jersey and the tricks!

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