Texas Rangers Clinch the A.L. West!

Since the Texas Rangers are now playing in the 3rd game of the the American League Championship Series, I suppose I should finally finish post about the game in which they clinched their spot in the playoffs. So, on Friday night, Sept. 23, I met a bunch of my Cypress friends at the ballpark for what would be a great ballgame against the Seattle Mariners. Traffic was a bear, and by the time we got there all the regular parking lots were closed, so we had to park FAR away! As we walked toward the stadium we saw one of the little rickshaws and tagged him down. It was WELL worth the $5 per person for him to drive us up to the stadium, although he may disagree. Three grown women in a cart meant for two made for quite a load - he was dripping sweat by the time we got there. But thanks to him, at least we made it before the 5th inning (it was already the 3rd by the time we arrived at our seats).

(squeezing into the cart)

Since I already said the Rangers are currently playing in the ALCS (I'm actually watching game 3 right now!), you know the results of the game. But what I haven't said is how perfect the night was - the weather was so comfortably cool, we were able to wear jeans. I don't know that I've ever worn jeans to a baseball game, because it's always so hot! But not this night - it was fabulous! And the atmosphere was amazing, full of anticipation. I had lots of fun watching the game, cheering for the home team, and hanging out with friends new and old. And the fact that the Rangers won just makes it that much better.And after the game, the fans were treated to an incredible fireworks show over the stadium. At this point we didn't know whether the Rangers had clinched the West or not - we were one game away until the Oakland/LA game was completed later in that night. But everyone was in the mood to celebrate, and there's no better way to celebrate than with fireworks. (And this definitely made up for my disappointing 4th of July fireworks experience.)


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