I may have a new favorite number... 14! As in, Alabama football just won it's 14th National Championship! Not only that, it was a rematch with #1 LSU after a disappointing loss in the so-called "game of the century" in November. Not only that, most of the country (with the possible exception of SEC fans) didn't think Alabama deserved to be in the game. Not only that, Alabama went in as a significant underdog, especially since the game was in New Orleans, practically LSU's backyard. 

But we went in there, dominated, and scored 21 unanswered points for the first ever shut-out in a BCS National Championship game! It was awesome! It still wasn't a game filled with touchdowns (we only scored one, and that in the last quarter), but we made the field goals we attempted, and that made all the difference. We won the game that counted!

Brodie and I watched the game home alone together. He was wearing his Bama jersey, and I made him pose with my Bear Bryant houndstooth fedora for some absolutely adorable pics. He is so good to put up with me! :) 
Ah, 14! My new favorite number... at least until the next one!


The Glenn Gang said…
To be a non-Alabama fan, I was SERIOUSLY rooting for you guys. My dislike of LSU grows more and more with each passing year.

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