Joanna and Philip Mays

The second weekend in December I headed down to Houston for my friend Joanna's wedding. Jo has been a close friend for about a decade, and I was honored when she asked me to sing in her wedding, She and her husband Philip are so cute together and very obviously happy together. I worried a lot the week before the wedding, because I was dealing with a lot of allergies and had very little voice. I ended up repurchasing and downloading one of the songs, "Captivate Us," in a lower key because I just couldn't sing it in the original. But my prayers were answered, and the day of the wedding my voice was clear and I could sing with ease. Joanna looked beautiful in her dress, and the wedding was a mixture of sweet and funny moments since her dad performed the ceremony.  

I was very thankful that some of my other friends came down for the wedding, because it gave me people to sit and talk with during the reception. Dana and Dave brought their baby, Piper, and I really enjoyed getting to hold and play with her. They said she is not one to relax with anyone, but I held her while they ate and next thing we knew she had her head rested on my chest and was sound asleep. She stayed that way for about an hour! My arms were SORE the next morning. :) 

Joanna and Philip had brought in a photo booth for the reception, and it was a hit. There were a variety of props, and the booth printed out two copies of your pictures so you could keep one and put the other in a creative guest book for the happy couple. Even Joanna got in on the silliness, taking pictures with Kristen and Suzanne as the devil and angel on her shoulders. I'm not sure about Suzanne as an angel, but Kristen's red eyes sure make her look the part, lol!

I really enjoyed getting to celebrate with Joanna and Philip, getting to see my good friend Kristen (she lives in Ft. Worth but it takes both of us traveling to Houston for us to meet up!), and share in such a special day.

Oh, and while I was in Houston, LeAnn and Hudson Hanks, good friends from my early seminary days, were kind enough to allow me to stay with them. I didn't take any photos, but I had a great time catching up with them, playing with their daughter Micayla, and attending church with them before heading home. It was a long but really enjoyable weekend.


Genny said…
Gorgeous! Everybody looks so nice. Glad your voice held out.

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