Independence Day

I was excited to be able to join my family this year for our 4th of July "family reunion". I heard so many stories about how much fun they all had last year, when all the aunts, uncles, & cousins went to my parents' house for the holiday. So this year, Brodie and I drove cross country and arrived in GA in the afternoon of July 3, about an hour before everyone else arrived. We were looking forward to tons of patriotic fun, and I went prepared with a variety of americana bandanas and fun red white & blue sunglasses. 

On the 4th, we woke up early and took the golf cart over to our reserved spot on the parade route. Of course, I had to take Brodie with me, and he was so cute sitting there in his star-spandled specs. Cracked me up! Once the parade started, Holley used her baby Layton to get all sorts of fun give-aways from the different floats, and we filled up our bags with candy and beads (FYI, beads at this parade are free, not won in the "traditional" way). We all had a blast - I love how Peachtree City goes all out for the 4th of July. This small town really knows how to show its American pride.

After an afternoon of pool partying, a tasty dinner, and a quick afternoon storm that helped to cool things off nicely, we headed back to PTC for the fireworks show. Some said the show wasn't as good as previous years, but I enjoyed it. There were some unusual fireworks, and of course I took my big camera and the tripod to see if I could capture any of the "bombs bursting in air." During the show, I didn't think I was very successful, but when I looked at them on my computer later, I was quite pleased. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a quick fireworks show. :)


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