Panama City Beach 2012

While I was at home, my family decided to drive down to Panama City Beach, FL for a few days of beachfront fun. We were all excited to get to the beach. Even though I enjoy the beach, I usually refuse to get in the water because I don't like it when I can't see what my feet are touching. But the water was SO clear and beautiful that I didn't hesitate to get in (the fact that it was rather hot didn't hurt either). We had four beach days, and all thoroughly enjoyed hunting for the perfect shells (we found tons!), playing football in the water, boogie-boarding and fighting the large waves on the last day, walking the beach, and just relaxing in the sun and sand. We had a great time together, and none of us really wanted to leave.
Dad hunting for shells underwater
Playing football in the surf
Look how clear the water is!
This is the life!


The Glenn Gang said…
You needed my cute little boy there to play in the water with you! :-)
Barb said…
Very true, Nicki!

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