Wags & Waves 2012

On Saturday Shawn and I took our pups to NRH2O water park for the annual Wags & Waves day, the last day of the season, when they open the park up to the dogs. I looked forward to this event most of the summer, until last week when the weather forecasters predicted a strong cold front and rain for the weekend. When we woke up Saturday morning it was quite chilly and overcast, but since we'd already purchased our tickets we decided to go ahead and brave it, hoping the weather would clear. I wasn't sure I'd get in the water, but I knew Brodie and Zoey would have a good time swimming. When we got there, we quickly found a spot by the kiddie zone and let the dogs off-leash. They were so excited! They raced into the water and just ran all over the place. I finally had to put Brodie's leash on when we weren't in the water because he would take off without me. We let the dogs play at the edge of the wave pool for a while, then ventured over to the lazy river to check it out. Brodie started jumping off the stairs into the deeper water, swimming in circles, and barking his happy bark. So cute! The water was chilly but we went ahead and grabbed tubes and floated around the lazy river a few times until Zoey got bored and started trying to climb out. After some lunch and meeting up with Ariel and her dog Lucy, the sun actually came out and it started to warm up. We went back to the wave pool and headed farther out into the water playing with the dogs, and Brodie and I floated for a while until the waves started and eventually sent us back to "shore". It was such a fun day - I love sharing new things with Brodie and my dog-loving friends. I'm already looking forward to going back next year!

For a cute video of Zoey going down the kiddie slide, see below:


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