Summer Days, Post #10 (the final post)

Well, the summer has drawn to a close. Inservice started today, which mean life as I've known it for the last two and a half months is over. This is my final Summer Days post. It's been a great summer, and it's been a rough summer - regardless, I'm sad it's over, but at the same time I'm excited to see what this new school year holds. New students, new faculty, new challenges, new adventures, new priorities. Anyway, here's what the last "exciting" week of the summer held for me:

Day 74 - Rabbit watching
Day 75 - Pop-up summer shower. RAIN!
 Day 76 - After-work nap
 Day 77 - New decor for my bulletin board
 Day 78 - Everything is all bright and colorful after another afternoon shower
 Day 79 - More swimming in the bathtub for this sweet boy
 Day 80 - Last true day of summer vacation = 
Sonic, light reading, and the pool


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