Summer Days, Post #9

My summer is quickly drawing to an end - we have only one week left before in-service, and students return to Cambridge two weeks from Tuesday! I'm not ready for summer to be over. Here are a few pics from my Summer Days this past week.

Day 67 - Brodie's last trip to the office for the summer
Day 68 - A beautiful, unusually crisp July morning
Day 69 - Changed out a 2004 picture for my new favorite 
Day 70 - Brodie enjoyed a fall-like evening on the balcony
Day 71 - Took Friday off, and Shawn and I took the dogs to the dog park that evening.
Day 72 - Worked on my summer reading poolside
Day 73 - An unusual sight - my bed is made! 
(check out the fun pillow Mom made for me)


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