Back where I belong

Yesterday was for me a homecoming of sorts. My children's choir, Wild Worship, sang in both worship services yesterday morning, and I was there to direct them. It was my first time to direct the kids in worship since I returned from Scotland. It felt so right to be there with them.
The kids sang a song from our upcoming musical called "Vobis Hodie Salvator" (A Savior is born for you), and they did a great job. The song has been one of their favorites ever since we introduced the musical at the August retreat - that's kind of a surprise to me since it's in Latin. I guess that shows kids like a challenge. It was also split into two choirs, but they pulled it off really well. They stayed in the choir loft and led worship for a full half hour. I was really impressed that they handled themselves so well for that long.
The song goes:

Vobis Vobis, Hodie Hodie,
Vobis Vobis, Salvator Salvator,
Vobis Vobis, Hodie Hodie,
A Savior is born for you.

Admirabilis Deus,
Wonderful wonderful God.

Christus Christus, Dominus Dominus,
Christus Christus, Gloria Gloria,
Christus Christus, Dominus Dominus,
Glory to Christ the Lord.

Admirabilis Deus,
Wonderful wonderful God.

Wonderful wonderful,
Glorious glorious,
Jesus Christ is born for you.


Genny said…
Glad you are back to lead them. What an awesome group of kids. And, don't those shirts look fantastic!
bartleywedgies said…
They did great - thanks for all your hard work!
Martha said…
One day I will get to see one of your performances. I know you love your time with those kids.
Love you,

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