Merry Elves

Last night, two wild, silly, giggly, 7th grade elves invaded my home and "forced" me to put up my Christmas tree!

Rebecca and Carrie came over, and we had a grand time taking out my ornaments and decorating the tree. We listened to Christmas music and they often broke into dance. I think their favorite part was playing with the toilet paper that I wrap my ornaments in - they kept wearing it on their heads!
I don't think we went more than 30 seconds without someone giggling hysterically. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Anyway, we got my tree decorated, though my tree-topper is apparently in a different box, so it's not quite complete. I really appreciated the girls' help - it's a lot more fun putting up the tree with people rather than alone. Overall, it was definitely an enjoyable evening, though I must admit I was glad to have quiet once they were gone. =)


Genny said…
Looks like a great time. Thanks for taking them off my hands. : )
bartleywedgies said…
Very nice! Hey, they want to come put up mine - I hate doing lights. Not as much as I hate singing the word food. oh well. Have safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving.
Barb Isbell said…
Just to set the record straight - thanks to Melissa's fabulous bargain shopping the Christmas before "King of the Jungle", I now have a lovely PRE-LIT Christmas tree (because I too hate doing lights).
Martha said…
What a great evening. You have such a loving family there in Texas. I hope to met them in person one day. Love to all,
P.S. Your tree is awesome!!!

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