Happy Campers

This weekend, four friends and I ventured up to Turner Falls in Oklahoma for an overnight camping adventure. I was rather nervous about the whole thing, since I haven't been camping since high school, and even then it wasn't rustic camping. Thankfully, they were willing to not go too primitive - we found a campsite quite near the facilities, so that made me much more comfortable. We had gorgeous days, perfect weather for hiking through the park, but let me tell you, it was COLD at night! I FROZE and didn't sleep much, unfortunately. Still, it was a really fun weekend, and we're already making plans to go again in November (I think we're going south this time though).

Finally there! At the overlook to Turner Falls

setting up camp - one of our two tents

a fun game of Marbles before dinner after hiking to the falls
Taryn and Amanda did a great job of getting our campfire started
you can't go camping without smores :)
friends Dana and Dave surprised us by showing up after dark - we had a great time fellowshiping around the campfire
Rachel all bundled up trying to stay warm on a cold Sunday morning

I'll do another post of our hike to Turner Falls and "The Castle." It was a brilliant day, and I have tons of pictures to share!


Amie Vaughan said…
i love camping. we used to go a lot growing up, but i haven't been now in four years-- that was with jen and saum in washington state. gorgeous. and you're right about the s'mores.

we'll have to go camping sometime... just not here, unless it's july! =D

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