Dallas Arboretum

I spent a brilliant Halloween morning exploring the Dallas Arboretum's Great Pumpkin Festival with friends Katie, Trent, their son L, and Trent's parents. We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day, even though it meant the arboretum was quite crowded with people trick or treating and taking family photos.
True to its name, the Pumpkin Festival featured a large number and wide variety of pumpkins. I never knew that pumpkins came in so many shapes and colors - green, gray, warted, turbanned. There were some very STRANGE looking pumpkins there. They also had a pumpkin house which you could walk through, and pumpkins were even floating in the fountain! So cool!
In addition to pumpkins, the arboretum was full of flowers! They had mums in every color imaginable, and even some of the roses were in bloom.
The Dallas Arboretum is a beautiful spot for picnics, exploring, and enjoying God's creation. But I think I'll still frequent the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens more often than not, because the Arboretum is definitely not free!


Genny said…
Wow! What a beautiful place. I'll have to make plans to go there next year. I loved the pumpkins floating in the fountain. Too cool.
Amie Vaughan said…
not free?! that's a bummer. but it does look quite amazing... or maybe that's just your photos. =D

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