A Katherine Holmes Original

This weekend I was finally able to pick up my new painting, a Katherine Holmes original! I have been anxiously awaiting this painting ever since we talked about it and I gave her the canvas. Isn't it fabulous?!
This is the photo that the painting is based on - taken by my friend Amy Harless (I have to give credit to the photographer too).
The painting looks SO good in my bedroom! I got this red quilt on clearance at Kohl's, and I am very pleased with the whole effect. Yay!
I highly recommend Katherine to any of you who need or want one-of-a kind, original artwork. But I'll warn you, she doesn't come cheap. :)
Thanks, Katherine, for my amazing painting! I will cherish it always!


Genny said…
What an amazing kid! Your painting looks really nice over your bed. At last!
Amie Vaughan said…
wow! that girl is amazing!

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