Turkey Bowl at FBC Prosper

Today, as part of my church search, I decided to venture up to FBC Prosper. I thought it would be fun to see Wayne and Amy, and to remind myself that churches other than Wedgwood do experience true worship. I knew with Wayne leading, it would be good, and I was right.

When I emailed Amy yesterday to ask if I could come visit today, she said that today was going to be an unusual day - abbreviated worship service, lunch with turkey and all the fixings, and a flag football tournament. She invited me to join them for all of it, and drafted me for her team. So after lunch we hit the field for some football. Our team ended up with a 1-2 record, but the two we lost were close games, lost in overtime. I played defense for all three games, and even had one good play when filling in on offense - the ball bounced out of the hands of one of my teammates and right into mine, so I took off running til someone grabbed one of my flags.
Thanks, Wayne and Amy, and FBC Prosper, for letting me join in on the Turkey Bowl! It was a really fun day, even though I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow after playing so much football.


Amie Vaughan said…
that sounds like fun! i'm glad you got to join in. =)

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