Going Green at the North Texas Irish Festival

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous spring-like day in Dallas, and Rachel and I decided to venture down to Fair Park for the North Texas Irish Festival. We didn't really know what to expect, though there was no doubt there would be Irish music, dancing, and beer. Turns out, that was the majority of what we saw - that, along with men in kilts, other men and women in bizarre clothing like corsets and capes, fair food and traditional food, all sorts of Celtic merchandise, and tons of dogs.

Look at that sky!
Spudzilla - delicious!
Ah, I recognize that flag! Not sure why it's at an Irish festival, though.
Oh, yes, there was plenty of beer, especially Guinness.
Not only did they have haggis (stuffed sheep's intestine), neeps (turnips), and tatties (mashed potatos), they had bangers (sausage) and mash (mashed potatos). I tried none of the above! I made it through 6 months in Scotland without braving haggis - I certainly wasn't going to start now! Most definitely NOT Barb kosher!

I mentioned all the dogs - they had all sorts of animal rescue groups adopting out pets, including Irish Wolfhounds and Great Pyrenees. They were beautiful, and huge! This little puppy was so sweet! He wanted to go home with me, kept burrowing his head in my arm, and gave me lots of kisses before I gave him back. Look at that face! I would have loved to get him.
The water in this fountain was so cool! It "danced" in time to the music. Sporting my green Ireland shirt. It seemed like almost everybody at the festival was wearing green!


Amie Vaughan said…
i find it funny that there's so much scottish stuff at the irish festival. not that i'm complaining...

although i don't think i'd have handled all those dogs quite so well. =S
Barb said…
I completely agree. It's like a case of mistaken identity! But it was fun to encounter some of my favorite aspects of Scottish life in the heart of Texas. :) And the dogs were fun!

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