Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010

This was my first real Spring Break since 2007 when I was living in Scotland. That year we got 2 full weeks of break (love it!), and my family came over to travel all over the country with me. Working at SWBTS we at least got a break from class, but we still had to work. But at Cambridge, we got the week completely off! I planned to spend much of my time this week working on my dissertation, and I did get some work done, though not nearly as much progress as I had hoped for. But I did get to hang out with my friends a lot, because I was dog- and house-sitting in Fort Worth. It was a great week!

I started the week off enjoying the fabulous spring weather at the Dallas Arboretum, taking photos of the Armstrongs and the beautiful flowers, and soaking up some sun. Sunday was even more gorgeous so I took a walk down to a local park, laid out for a while, and again, took pictures of the flowers.
That afternoon, Amy and Amanda invited me down to cook out burgers at their house with the group. So I drove to Ft. Worth and had a great time hanging out with friends, sitting out by the fire pit and just talking and laughing. Good times!
Monday, Amy and I checked out the Butterfly Exhibit at the Botanic Gardens. It was amazing, even though it was insanely hot and humid in there. The butterflies were beautiful!
I started dog-sitting for Biscuit on Tuesday. While there I spread out at their kitchen table and wrote like the wind! Well, I wrote some, at least. :) I got to scrapbook with Genny for a while, which was much-needed for both of us, and I celebrated L's 5th birthday party at Pump It Up.
Wednesday evening the group got together to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and play games. The new favorite for our group is Quelf. Basically you try to get around the board first, but you have all these random actions, rules, and questions to get through. It is so random, but lots of fun. My character both times I've played, and probably any time I play in the future, was Mrs. PickleFeather (for obvious reasons)! At one point the girls had to do a kickline for a full-minute. It was an evening full of laughs. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy random fun.
The week ended rather crazily, with SNOW in Texas on the first day of Spring! How crazy is that! It was blowing like crazy, and pretty big flakes. Within an hour my car had a layer of snow on it. The next morning, there was about an inch of snow on the cars and my balcony!
Unfortunately, it is now the last day of Spring Break, and I'm not quite ready for it to be over! But from everything I've been told, the weeks from Spring Break to graduation simply FLY at Cambridge, so it will be summer before we know it!


Amie Vaughan said...

wowee! what an awesome spring break! the flower photos are gorgeous, congrats on writing and scrapbooking, and the parties-- well, always looks like fun there. but snow--again?! insane! =D