German Adventures, Day 4 - Garmisch

This was the day we got the news that Papa was in really bad condition. Mom, Ben and I had planned to hang out in downtown Garmisch until Dad finished his conference, but Mom ended up spending the day changing her flight to return to Georgia the next day. Ben and I walked all over Garmisch, enjoying the sites, until Mom and Dad joined us late afternoon.

After Mom and Dad met up with us, we headed over to the Olympiastadium and the summer bobsled run next door. Ben and I rode it earlier in the day, and we wanted to introduce them to the fun. A pulley pulls these little sleds to the top and then you control your speed as you ride down the track to the bottom.

It wasn't a very exciting day, as we were all really worried about Papa. But we enjoyed what time we got to spend together.


Amie V said…
i love alpine slides! i used to love them in gatlinburg.

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