German Adventures, Day 6 - Ulm

This was the day we were all anticipating, one of the reasons we took the trip to Germany in the first place. From 1977-1981, we lived in Neu Ulm, Germany. My brother, Ben, was actually born there. So we took the day to travel to Ulm - we found the apartment building we lived in and the Frauenklinik where Ben was born.

Probably the most famous site in Ulm is the Munster - it is the tallest church steeple in the world. There are 768 steps to the top of the steeple, and we climbed every single one. The view on the way up and from the top was incredible! Ulm is a really picturesque city.

(World Cup fever was everywhere!)

The inside of the Munster was just as amazing. It reminded me a lot of the National Cathedral in Washington DC - gorgeous! After climbing the Munster, we spent some time walking around the city, seeing the sights. The Danube River runs through the city, and canals run off of it like spokes.

(The famous "Crooked House")

Since it seems no day in Germany was complete without at least one photo of the Alps, when we returned to Garmisch that night I went outside to try to capture a pic of the lightning over the mountains. I'm not very good at lightning photos, but I did get this neat shot of the Alpspitze at night.


Amie V said…
i LOVE that gargoyle shot. =D

your photos are making me so jealous! i'm ready to travel somewhere different again...
Barb said…
The gargoyle is one of my favorite pics from the entire trip. Even though it does make me a bit dizzy. :)

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