Peachtree City Independence Day Parade

This was my second chance to attend the annual Peachtree City Independence Day Parade. It's usually held on the 4th of July, but since this year the 4th was a Sunday, the parade was on Saturday the 3rd. All five of us (including Harley) piled on the golf cart to head to the parade. Harley LOVES riding on the golfcart, and seems to really enjoy the parades too. It helps that some of the groups throw out dog biscuits and he always gets his own bomb pop popcicle too. We met up with my Uncle Alvin and cousins Alex and Adam (and their dog Max) on their golfcart and had a great time watching the parade, acting silly to get more goodies, and celebrating America's birthday.
Don't look too closely at this next pic - Uncle Alvin is flipping me off!
A few of the fun "floats" and groups
When we got home mom fixed us a delicious steak lunch while we played in the pool before I had to get ready to fly back to Texas - it was an amazing 3rd of July.


Amie V said…
niiiiiiice. =D

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