What I'm Enjoying Right Now

It's spring, one of my favorite seasons in Texas (second only to autumn). Here are a few of the things I'm enjoying this spring...

1. Spending my weekends out on the balcony, getting a LOT of writing accomplished.
2. Watching spring storms, except when they become severe like the tornadoes we had on Tuesday.
3. My balcony garden
4. Spring blooms everywhere I look

5. Amazing Texas sunsets! 
 6. Teaching my class of 8th graders, especially helping to lead them in a Passover Seder this week.
7. Walks along the canals in this gorgeous weather.
 8. Huge patches of bluebonnets along the sides of the roads
 9. And of course, my sweet boy, who makes me smile every day. :)


Genny said…
Love the photos as usual, but the sunset pics...wow! And Brodie is as cute as ever.

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