Water Westie

My boy is a swimmer! I mean, he LOVES the water. My friend Shawn found a park at a local lake that is entirely fenced in, so we can take the dogs there and let them run, play, and swim off-leash to their hearts' delight. At first I planned to make Brodie wear his lifejacket because last year he wasn't a confident swimmer without it, but as soon as I took his leash off he jumped right in and had a blast. He's much more sure of himself this year, swimming much farther out and leaping off the bank into the water. It is so cute to watch! And he barks the whole time he's swimming, making it very clear he's enjoying himself. Here are a couple of videos and photos of Brodie and his swimming buddy, Zoey.
Okay, so he looks like a drowned rat when he's wet.
On Monday, Genny and I spent the day scrapbooking. Brodie was content to hang out at her house and relax, but when Rebecca and Katherine wanted to take him swimming in their pool, he was all for it. I put his lifejacket on him because they don't have an easy way for him to get out of the pool if he gets tired. But I didn't need to worry - he quickly learned how to climb the ladder, and he would leap off the side, swim in a circle, climb the ladder, and do it all over again. So so cute! He even jumped off the diving board a few times! I was so impressed with my little "water westie"!
Jumping off the side
Brodie and Rebecca, swimming friends
Swimming wears a dog out, you know?!


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