Easter 2013 (aka the final catch-up post)

I was blessed to spend Easter weekend with the Holmes family - it was just like old times! Brodie and I drove down Friday afternoon in time to visit a little while before the Good Friday service. Brodie spent most of the weekend outside, reveling in the fact that he had a whole yard to explore and squirrels to tree. He had a blast! Genny, Abigail, and I dyed eggs after church Friday night, each trying to create the perfect masterpiece. We experimented this year by using kool-aid to color the eggs - it worked pretty well, though we did have to supplement with a traditional dye kit to get blue, green, and purple. The kool-aid sure SMELLED better than the vinegar though! Genny and I literally scrapbooked all day on Saturday (I'm really behind in the scrapbooks too - just now working on 2009!), and then of course Sunday morning was church. We took a few pics of us all dressed up before lunch, and had to get a couple of shots of the girls with the Easter Brodie before we headed home Easter afternoon. It was a wonderful weekend with great friends.


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