Spring Break

Since Spring Break is more than a week past, I will finish this post of photos from a lovely week of relaxation. Spring Break was so nice. I didn't do a whole lot, several days I didn't even leave the apartment. I did some work designing the new Cambridge newsletter, but other than that I didn't think much about work. I just rested and enjoyed some down time. I started off the week with a Sonic slushie and a first pedicure since before Christmas - ahhh! The same day, Brodie got groomed and I took some cute Easter pictures of him. On Tuesday, Rachel came up for lunch, shopping, a canal walk, games on the balcony, and frozen yogurt. For part of the week, the weather seemed to forget it was Spring Break, so Brodie and I warmed up with a cozy fire. We spent some time at the dog park with Shawn and Zoey, and Brodie chased sunbeams in the apartment. On Friday, I went down to Fort Worth for lunch and the Butterflies in the Garden exhibit at the Botanic Garden with Genny, Abigail, and Rebecca. It was a fun day, a lot like old times, and we got some great pictures. Ah, Spring Break... I wish you didn't go by so quickly. Now we're in the downhill stretch, racing to the end of the school year. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I think I need another break...


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