Thanksgiving 2016

Well, I'm just a bit delinquent in my blogging! But I am sitting here watching the Tony's and thought I'd make some progress updating. So, here's Thanksgiving 2016! 

It was quite a different Thanksgiving this year. Ben had been going through some health issues that caused us to cancel our visit to Mamaw's and stay home. We really didn't go much of anywhere during the week I was there, but we had a lot of family time, took quite a few golf cart rides around the neighborhoods, decorated the Christmas tree and the rest of the house for Christmas, and had a delicious STEAK meal for Thanksgiving lunch. I think that might be a new tradition - so much better than turkey! 

Ben and me, out for a ride on a gorgeous day

 For Thanksgiving day, we all showed our Bama pride -
it wasn't intentional! 

 Steak lunch outside on the deck!

 Decorating for Christmas 

It might not have been the Thanksgiving we expected, but we still had a lot to be thankful for. And I'm especially thankful that Ben has been much better these past 6 months.


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