April Adventures

April started off with Easter - literally, Easter was on April 1st. I had a lot of fun with that, saying "You just thought he was dead - April Fools, He is Risen!" :) I spent Easter with the Holmes family, going to Wedgwood for church and then enjoying a pulled pork lunch. We had to take a few family pics in the backyard before I left.
Family self-portrait!
I spent a lot of time in April in my balcony garden. It was an abnormally cool April, which made it really comfortable out on the balcony. I also enjoyed my succulent collection, as always.
I'm not sure why, but I have quite a few pics of Lazy Brodie from April. We must have had several lazy moments throughout the month, and my boy truly knows how to relax. 
My old roommate, Alissa, had an extra ticket to see Les Miserables at Fair Park, and she was so sweet to invite me, knowing it's one of my all-time favorite shows. We had a great time catching up over dinner beforehand, and we really enjoyed the show. It was my first time seeing the new staging. Much of it I enjoyed, but I did miss the revolving stage, and I felt that "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" was sort of missing something, when Marius wasn't standing amongst empty chairs at empty tables. Other than that, though, it was fabulous. Jean Valjean had an AMAZING voice! 
Throughout the month, Brodie and I took several canal walks in the lovely weather, where he chased squirrels and turtles, and we watched the ducklings swim with their parents.  
Other than that, at school I worked on the details of MANY upcoming events. April and May are my busiest months, with so many things to organize, and so it was good to have canal walks, Brodie, and my balcony garden to relax me when I was at home.


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