May Celebrations and More

May was a super crazy month! Almost every day, I had a major celebration or examination to run/organize. From AP exams to ERB's for middle school and final exams, from awards ceremonies to graduation, I was BUSY!
May 14, Celebration #1 - Awards Assembly
May 16, Celebration #2 - Eighth Grade Graduation
Celebration #3, May 18 - Class Night
Justinian wins the House Cup, 3rd year in a row!

12 of our 14 rising seniors after receiving their senior blazers
Love these new senior girls!
Celebration #4, May 24 - Graduation!
In between all the hard work and school events, I made sure to enjoy the sun and heat at the pool as often as I could. Sometimes that meant taking essays with me to grade in the shade between dips in the water, but I figured that was okay. 
Grading at the pool
Emily joined me after in-service one afternoon
Here are a few other miscellaneous pics from the month. I had a visit in the office from my favorite little boy, Eli. Brodie and I took several more canal walks before the summer heat hit too strongly. And of course, I took a few other random photos of my sweet pup. 


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