Back in Texas

Well, it's official. My "sabbatical" is definitely over. Dad and I drove from Georgia to Texas in a Budget truck on Wednesday and Thursday, moved all of my furniture and belongings into my new apartment on Friday, and worked really hard over the weekend to get my apartment set up. Everything looks great so far, though right now I am decorating with cardboard boxes because I simply haven't had time to unpack them all. Guess what I'll be doing every evening after work for a while...

I was very excited to get back to Wedgwood yesterday. It was great fun to see all sorts of people that I have missed so much over the last 6 months. I didn't get to see nearly everyone, but I'm sure I'll catch up with everyone else soon. We have an adult choir kickoff on Wednesday, so that will be a great time for reunions.

And if all that wasn't enough to tell me life was getting back to normal, I had to go to work this morning! I have been here for an hour, checking email, voicemail, and trying to remember all that I do in this office. It will be an interesting few days at work till I get back in the swing of things, I'm sure.

Anyway, I will post pictures of my new apartment once I change my decorating scheme from cardboard boxes to something a little more appealing. And hopefully I'll have some new adventures to share soon.


bartleywedgies said…
Hey - sorry I missed you on Sunday a.m. We were there at night - didn't feel well though. Got a z pack today - hope to see you Wed. night at choir. Glad you're back!!!
Genny said…
As you know, the Holmes family is happy about your return. See you Wednesday night.
Martha said…
It's good to know you are home. I know you had great expereinces and made many wonderful new friends, but seeing old friends and getting home is the best of all. Enjoy your coming home. I look forward to the pics.
Love you,

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