Good friends

On Tuesday I drove down to Macon to meet up with Tina, my dear friend from TX who has now moved to GA. We met at a mall, had lunch, and shopped (one of our favorite past-times). It was so great to see her and to catch up on all that has gone on in our lives for the last six months. We took our laptops into Starbucks and shared pictures and just had a great time. It was also so much fun to see her daughter, Cale, again. It's so hard to believe she's 15 months old now! It really seemed like she remembered me, which was exciting. I am going to miss them in TX. Who am I going to watch Alabama football with?


Martha said…
Aren't side trips great. It won't be long until you can take a side trip to Arizona. You look good. Are you going to keep up your walking now that you are back in the states? You should. Thanks again for sharing. Love you,
Genny said…
Cale is so beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to visit with them.

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