Yes, it is summertime, and I'm finally in a place that I can experience and enjoy the heat. I know, in a couple of weeks I'll be wishing for the cool Scottish weather, but for now I am taking full advantage of the sunshine. I have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out at my parents' pool, laying out and reading in the sun, and soaking up the rays that seemed to never come out in Scotland. The other day my cousins Adam and Alex came over and joined us in the pool.
The water is so inviting that you just can't resist. Harley had a great time playing with the boys, and when he got thirsty, even he had to get some water. Isn't he funny!?!?


Martha said…
Oh my, what a treat. I haven't seen you guys in such a long time. Thank you so much for sharing these pics. You all look great. Our pool man said it would not hurt us or Barley (our new dog) to swim together. It took a few days but he now will not stay out of the pool. What a treat this is. Thanks Barb, Love you bunches,

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