Harry Potter

My family and I went to Savannah this weekend for a Special Olympics bowling tournament. While Dad and Ben went with the rest of the group from Fayette county to a baseball game on Friday evening, Mom and I headed to Barnes & Noble for the opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final HP book. I was so excited to get the new book, and had never been to a midnight opening before, so I had to go for the last book. We got there around 11 pm and stood in line to get our wristbands guaranteeing us a copy of the book. Then we milled around the store until about 12:30 am, looking at the customers dressed up in HP costumes, reading Karen Kingsbury books off the shelf, and drinking a Starbucks frappucino until it was our turn to get in line. We finally got our books (I bought mine, Mom bought one for one of the other Special Olympics leaders) and left the store around 1:10 am. It was actually earlier than I had anticipated when I saw the line! Here are a few pics from the opening. I won't tell you the book ending, because I'm only halfway through. So don't tell me what happens!!!

Check out these glasses! They gave away the plastic HP glasses and Gryffindor tassle keychains with a 7-21-07 (the release date) charm. Pretty nice!

Finally, after 2 hours of waiting, I got my copy of the book. Unlike some people, though, I didn't immediately start reading. It was 3:00 the next day before I cracked the cover!


Katherine said…
yay!!!HARRY POTTER!!!i call dibbs after you!!!!!!
KristenRea said…
LOL. That's perfect! My friend Erin had a copy of the book delivered to her on Saturday. I was asleep on the couch when the UPS guy BANGED on the door. I did not appreciate having my nap interrupted by Harry Potter! But, she was excited and that made it a little fun. One of these days maybe I'll find out what all the fun is for. Come to Texas, Barbie! I miss you!
Martha said…
Nathan purchased his at the Honolulu Airport. He almost finished it on the plane ride home and did finish it the next day. The kids are still reading theirs. I am so glad you and your Mom had the experience of the Mid-night opening. You guys are looking good. Hope to see you soon.
Love you,
Genny said…
I'm surrounded by those crazy Harry Potter fans in Vancouver too. Can't wait to see you on Sunday!
paige said…
You have to finish! I finished HP on Friday and I need to talk to someone about it!!

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