By golly, I think it's FALL!!

Finally, I think fall has come to Texas! I can't tell you how many people I've heard complaining about the weather today, but I'm loving it! Okay, the hard rain this morning was a little much as I was trying to get to work, but once that stopped, it's wonderful -

cool, in the 50's,
leaves falling off the trees,

And to top it off, I wore a scarf this morning (that comment was for you, Genny). This is the kind of weather I hope sticks around for a while. I haven't felt temps like this since JULY!


Martha said…
What's not to like. I am sure Georgia and Alabama would love to have some of your rain. Glad you are enjoying the weather.
Lots of Love,
Genny said…
Yea, fall! I love it! Yesterday was fabulous, even the rain. Thank you for wearing a scarf in my honor. I do appreciate it.
Melissa said…
I'm loving it too, but I can't find my warm clothes (or a scarf)! I don't suppose I could just go to work in my fleece jammies.
paige said…
I'm afraid to even enjoy it...what if summer comes back!?...which it has been known to do!
amie said…
... and things haven't changed here since July! They say it's in the 50s here, too, but I don't believe it. That darn wind! I'm sure you miss it.... =)
bartleywedgies said…
I love it too! I finally get to wear something besides flip flops and shorts - I was getting weary of it all.

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