Happy 60th Anniversary

Today is my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. In this day in age it's almost a miracle for a couple to make it to 6 years, much less SIXTY! I am so thankful to have such wonderful examples of marriage in my family. Yes, they've had difficult times. Yes, they get angry at one another. And yes, they argue. What married couple doesn't? But unlike most, they've stuck it out through thick and thin, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. So in this post I just want to honor my Mamaw and Papaw and say that they are an inspiration to me. Happy 60th Anniversary!


Genny said…
What a cute couple! I love the overalls. Happy Anniversary.
Martha said…
Thank you Barb! What a sweet thing to do. I too wish them the Happiest of Anniversaries! They are great parents as well. I miss them and you. Love to all,

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