Oh the frustration!

Don't mind me - I just need to vent for a moment about the inefficiency of the computer services department here at SWBTS. While I was in Scotland, the entire campus received an upgrade from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007. Sounds great, right? Well, not for a computer as ancient as mine. Apparently Office 2007 takes a lot more effort to run than my computer wants to give. It is SO SLOW!!! Seriously, it takes over a minute to open an email, and God forbid I try to have more than one application open at a time - you'd think I asked it to do some amazingly difficult calculation rather than just open Outlook and Word at the same time!

Well, ever since I've been back to work I've been complaining about how slow my computer is, and how it is causing me to be very inefficient in the office. We've been dealing with the guys in computer services, trying to get a new computer, or at least some help for this one, and they keep saying they're working on it, it will be taken care of in a week, etc. Today I got notice that they hope to have it resolved today. He even asked what software I need on the computer, so it sure sounded like they had it in stock and were just getting details finalized. No such luck - just before lunch we got an email that we have to put in an official request for a new computer so that we can begin the process of obtaining one. Begin the process?!?! I thought we did that two months ago! So now we're back to square one, my computer is dragging, and I'm about to scream! Did I tell you how much I love working here?

Anyway, right now the computer services department here ranks right up there with the cable company and Sprint customer service. Don't get me started on that one!


Genny said…
There's nothing worse than a slow computer. Working at SWBTS seems a little bit like working for the government -- work order, filled out in triplicate, lots of red tape, etc.

Should we remind those guys that they are working "as unto the Lord?" I think they might need one of Miss Genny's "excellence" speeches.
Martha said…
I am so sorry! It's times like these I know you are glad you are a Christian - otherwise think what you might do!
Love you,

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