Amanda's 30th Birthday

Tuesday is my friend Amanda's 30th birthday. We celebrated this weekend with a karaoke party at her house. There were tons of people, and lots of yummy foods. Amanda was in her element - flowers, friends, and dancing. A small group of us decided to play a new game called Quelf - very random but lots of fun. My character was "Mrs. Picklehead" - rather appropriate, I'd say. It was a really fun evening celebrating a great friend.


Amie Vaughan said…
so, what is this game, ms. picklehead? and what songs did you sing? ;)
Barb said…
Quelf is the most random game ever! Basically you have to go from start to finish around the board, but the way you do so is by doing off-the-wall tasks, answer random trivia, etc. One thing I had to do was dance like a ballerina until the timer ran out. Rachel had to steal a sock off of an opponent's foot and wear it like a sock puppet the whole game. I also had to bark like a rabid dog any time any opponent got close to the board. Crazy! And I don't sing karaoke - not a big fan of making a fool of myself. :)

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