Impromptu Snowball Fight

All day Thursday and Friday, I SO wanted to play in the snow! But I wasn't dressed for playing with the kids at work on Thursday, and Friday we were off but I had nobody here to play with. Amy and Amanda arrived around 9:00 Friday evening so we could leave early Saturday morning for New York, and I convinced them to brave the elements for a short snowball fight. Amanda didn't last too long - she was getting over being sick and didn't need to be out there - but Amy and I had a blast pelting each other with snowballs. And it was a precursor to our mini-snowball fight in Central Park - so fun!


Amie Vaughan said…
snowball fight in central park?! *jealous* =D
Barb said…
well, i was being a little feisty and started throwing snowballs. mostly i was the only one, but it was fun. :)

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