Dallas Arboretum Spring Blooms

While Mom and Ben were here, we spent an afternoon at the Dallas Arboretum where their Spring Blooms event was going on. It was a beautiful afternoon, made even more amazing by the brilliant flowers blooming everywhere across the park. There were tulips of every size, shape, and color. There were lovely daisies, happy daffodils, incredible cherry blossom trees, and pretty azalea bushes. Of course, I was in heaven trying to get the perfect photo of so many of the blooms. Here are just a few of the MANY shots I took. I may have a few new perfect flower pics in this bunch. Enjoy!


LeAnn said…
Beautiful pictures! I need a few lessons on how to make my pictures look that good. I've got a great camera, but the shooter is a little behind in reading the book to figure out what everything does. Looks like you had a fabulous spring break with your family! I know we need to get back to FW to see you and everyone else...don't know when that will happen, so if you ever venture down here, let me know!
Genny said…
GORGEOUS!!!!!!! These make me so happy!
Amie V said…
ditto what genny said! i love photographing flowers, as well, so i'd have been in heaven with ya on that. =D

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