Barking Bluebonnets!

Saturday's weather was just too nice to stay inside. After going to the park and sitting outside for quite a while reading while Brodie had plenty of freedom on his 15-foot lead, Shawn called and asked if I wanted to go take pics of our dogs in the bluebonnets which are literally covering the sides of the interstates. So I gathered up my little guy and we took off to a small patch of bluebonnets by Home Depot, which was far enough off the interstate that we felt comfortable taking the dogs out. I took pics of Shawn and her Zoey first. Zoey was hilarious - she didn't want to pose and kept trying to dig up or eat the bluebonnets. She actually got one in her mouth and Shawn struggled to get her to let it go. in spite of all that, we still got some really cute pics of the two of them. Then Shawn took the camera and tried to get a few pics of me and my boy. But we got distracted by Zoey sneezing literally 30 times in a row, huge, constant sneezes. Apparently she's allergic to bluebonnets. It was so funny! She did get a few decent pics though. We weren't out there very long, and I didn't get any of just Brodie. I look forward to taking him to the bluebonnet festival in a few weeks. Hopefully we'll get some more good ones then.


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