Mom and Ben Come to Texas

For Spring Break this year, Mom and Ben came to visit me. This is the first time Mom has been to visit since my graduation in 2004, so it was very exciting. I had all sorts of fun adventures in mind, and we were just hoping that Mom's back would cooperate and allow her to be out and about. Thankfully, her back held up really well, and it was only on her last morning here that she had much trouble.
One of our adventures was a visit to Cowboys' Stadium. Ben is a big Cowboys fan, so I knew this was a must-see for him. He actually came out to visit back in 2002 (0r 2003?) and we went to a Cowboys game in the old stadium. This time Ben and I took a self-guided tour while Mom hung out in the pro shop and waited for us. We had a lot of fun hanging out on the field (it doesn't look as big when you're actually walking on it) and taking silly pictures. We didn't think we were going to be able to get our picture taken on the center-field star, which was a must for me, but at the last minute they opened it up for about 5 minutes, so we hurried out there and got the pic. Of course, Ben's favorite part of the tour was the Cheerleaders' locker room. They had full-sized photos of the girls above their lockers, so Ben spent a lot of time looking up at them.

The next day we ventured out to the Dallas Arboretum. With their "Spring Blooms" display currently taking place, it was CROWDED - and no wonder! Everybody wanted to take advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather and all the beautiful tulips, daffodils, azaleas, and other flowers that were literally everywhere you turned. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed sitting out in the breeze and walking around the park, taking pics and marveling at God's creativity. It was a great day.
On their last night in town, we (along with most everyone else in the metroplex, it seems!) decided to go play Putt-Putt. I wasn't sure Mom's back would handle it, but she seemed to enjoy herself during our 18 holes. I scored 5 holes-in-one, which is completely NOT normal and took me quite by surprise. Again, the weather was amazing and we loved being outside and enjoying one another's company.What else did we do while they were here? Well, like always, Mom and I did some shopping - Kohls, Ross, TJ Maxx, Home Depot, and all the Sam Moon stores. Mom looked at most of my scrapbooks that I've completed since the last time she visited - that was fun! We planted my flowers and tomato plant, talked a lot, and of course, played with Brodie. Mom was so excited to see her "grand-dog" again, and he quickly wrapped his Gammie around his little finger. She even made him gravy to put on his food - the dog is now so spoiled I don't know what to do with him! :)

It was a really great visit, and I'm so glad Mom and Ben came out to Texas, finally!


Amie V said…
i'm glad it was such a great visit. it was about time. ;) i just laughed at ben and the cheerleaders, though-- boys. *sigh* =D

and five holes-n-one?! dang. you're a putt-putt shark!

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