Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All in the Name of Chasing Squirrels

To say that Brodie LOVES to chase squirrels is an understatement. He is constantly watching for them on our walks, and when he sees a squirrel, you better hold on tight because he hunches down like he's stalking and then takes off - he has almost ripped my arm out of the socket a couple of times. Wow! If he trees a squirrel, he leaps in the air repeatedly and barks his extremely high pitched "critter bark." Twice now, he has actually climbed a tree in pursuit of a squirrel. And yesterday, I was excited to catch his climb on "film". He makes it look easy. I know I'd better make sure he stays on the leash, or there's no telling how far he'll go - up the tree or down the road - all in the name of chasing squirrels...



Amie V said...

oh my life, that's hilarious! get 'em, brodie! =D