I Heart Faces - Pet Week

I know this picture was featured in my last two posts, but it's Pet Week on the I Heart Faces blog, and I had no better pic to enter than this one of Brodie smiling as he sits on an old John Deere tractor in a field of bluebonnets. It's one of my favorite pics of my photogenic pup.


April said…
Now, that's definitely a KEEPER in my book!
Genny said…
Aww,,such a cutie! He looks so adventurous.
This could be artwork on a wall-so cute!
Tara said…
Aw, love this little face!! Too cute!
Calvin said…
Happy pooch indeed! He is very handsome.

Thanks for visiting. Because some wondered what the cat was looking at, I re-published the post with a little haiku I wrote.

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