Raising Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas. Every spring they cover the sides of the road and fields to the point that the grass looks blue, and people stop their cars on the side of the interstate to take pictures of their kids in the little blue flowers. And like a good transplanted Texan, I try to take pictures in the bluebonnets every year as well. This year, I actually found bluebonnet plants for purchase at Home Depot, so mom and I planted them while she was here for spring break. I have really enjoyed watching them grow from a pot full of their trademark greenery to a bunch of large blue flowers and even more little buds. I know that bluebonnets usually don't last much past the beginning of May, and I will really miss seeing the blue fields along the side of the road, but I will miss the little patch of bluebonnets on my balcony even more.


Amie V said…
they are so pretty. at least they'll still be green, right?
Barb said…
I hope so. I think the green leaves of the bluebonnet plants are just as pretty as the blue flower.
Mike in Texas said…
I live in the Gulf Coast region of Texas and after hurricane Rita my neighbor had a huge patch of Bluebonnets the following spring. We assume seeds were ‘blown in’ from somewhere else. The patch was so thick that it sparked interest in them. I purchased 6 pounds of seeds an sewed them alonf the road in front of my house. I also sewed seeds on his side of the road. I did this in September and soon saw sprouts. The funny thing is that there are almost no sprouts on his side of the road. The conditions are exactly the same on both sides of the road. Spring will tell the tale.

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