Bluebonnet Adventure 2011

On Saturday, Rachel and Brodie and I drove down to Ennis for the Bluebonnet Festival. I think this year's "crop" of bluebonnets was even better than last year's. We quickly got our map to the best trails and started driving, oohing and ahhing over the amazing fields of blue along both sides of the road. Seriously, the blue seemed to go on forever (with little patches of red indian paintbrush thrown in for good measure) - it was absolutely gorgeous.
We took a picnic lunch and found the perfect spot - a field full of wildflowers that was not fenced in (and thus accessible for us without trespassing), with only a few other people, and far enough off the road for Brodie to run free. We had a great lunch and then took lots of pictures while Brodie bounced around chasing bugs and sniffing flowers. He had SUCH a good time!

Then we continued driving, looking for our favorite picturesque location from last year. And we found it! It was so beautiful! They had an old John Deere tractor out front that we couldn't resist taking pictures on - I LOVE the ones of Brodie on the tractor; I just wish that the ones of me with him had turned out better. The one of him with Rachel is adorable - I should have made her go back and take one of me with him like that! Oh well.To end the day we finished the drive back to Ennis, passing a field with several longhorns in it, so we had to stop and take a look. Then we walked around the downtown Ennis area, checking out the craft booths and snacking on a spudzilla (or twister tater) before driving back home. It was an amazing day with brilliant weather, great company, and God's beautiful creation.


Amie V said…
what a gorgeous day. great photos, as always. =)

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