No trip to Orlando is complete without doing something Disney!

On my last day in Florida, Amie and I slept in a bit at the hotel, leaving right in time for 11:00 checkout, shopping at all the cheapo touristy shops before heading to Downtown Disney. I just couldn't go to Orlando without doing something Disney, but it was far to expensive and I didn't have enough time to visit one of the theme parks. But we wandered around all the shops at Downtown Disney, marveling at a store that sold only magnets, a traditional Irish pub that made Amie homesick, the lego store with some amazing Disney-themed lego sculptures outside, and of course, the Disney stores. My favorite was the Christmas store - we spent a good while in there as I checked out all the ornaments and finally found one for mom. My love for Christmas stores is one of the ways I take after her.

We both smiled when we saw these Disney Scottish shortbreads. :)

Even Mickey knows who to cheer for - ROLL TIDE! I really wanted this shirt but it was made for only really skinny people. :(

After we had enough of the muggy heat and sun, we headed for Starbucks and shared all our photos before grabbing a bite for dinner and driving to the airport. It was time to leave Florida. It really was a great few days catching up with dear friends and enjoying the sunshine and touristy adventures of Orlando. Amie, I loved finally getting to see you again! Next time, you come to Texas! There's lots of adventures here too. :)


Genny said…
Looks like a really fun day. Love the Lego! And so glad you got to spend time with Amie.
Amie V said…
i loved getting to spend time with you, too, finally! and i'm working on coming to texas... promise!

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