Staycation - Starr's Mill

Wednesday of our Staycation was Mom's birthday. It's not often I get to celebrate my family's birthdays with them in person, so I was happy to be there with Mom this year. She wanted a relatively laid-back day, so we spent the morning in the pool, then took her to Red Lobster for a late lunch. I wanted to stop by Starr's Mill and take some family pics before I left, so we decided to do that while we all looked decent. After all, much of our time was spent in swimsuits, which is not when we look our best. If you don't recognize Starr's Mill, it was one of the filming sites in the movie Sweet Home Alabama. It's less than a mile from Mom and Dad's house, and is just a really picturesque location. I try to go out there every time I'm home.


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