Staycation - Jetskiing at Yellowjacket Creek

On Monday of our "staycation" my family took "Pablo" the jetski out to Yellowjacket Creek Recreation Center. Since it was a weekday, we had the lake almost all to ourselves, and we spent almost the whole day out there. We took turns heading out on Pablo, speeding our way around the lake and having a great time. We also attached the tube to the back of the jetski and flew across the water. Dad and Ben both rode the tube for a little while, but I was the one who tubed the most. Dad tried his hardest to make me fly off, but I held on for dear life (my fingers are still sore, I think I strained them!). Dad may not have been able to throw me from the tube, but Mom sure did from the jetski. We had stopped in the middle of the lake to switch places and let her drive. Next thing I knew, she took off and turned at the same time, and I flew off the side of the jetski and hit that water so hard it took my breath away. She didn't even realize I was gone at first, and when she came back for me she was just upset that I lost my sunglasses (no big deal). But I was a little sore the next day after that fall!

It started drizzling and thundering for a little while, so we took a break from the water, had lunch, and threw the football around for a bit until the storm passed around us. It didn't last long.

Then it was back to the water and more brilliant sunshine (Ben and I both got a little too much sun that day.)I had originally planned to take Brodie with us to the lake, but after finding out that dogs weren't allowed on the beach area and thinking about how much extra work it would be, we decided to leave him home. But he had his little life jacket with him, and I really wanted a pic of him on the jetski. So when we got home I got him outfitted and sat him on top of Pablo before Dad got it all cleaned up. I think the pics turned out pretty cute.


Genny said…
Looks like fun! But, I have a question: if YOU had to drive 12 hours to get there, can you technically still call it a staycation? Just wondering...

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