Staycation - Poolside

During my week of "staycation" at my parents' house, we spent a LOT of time out in their pool. It was so relaxing to enjoy the refreshing water, floating, playing basketball, and laughing at Brodie as he snuck in a couple of swims. Twice a BIG frog ended up in the pool, and Brodie went crazy trying to get it from the side. He would put his nose all the way down to the edge of the water, often ending up nose to nose with the frog. It was hilarious! All in all, this week we were really thankful for mom and dad's decision to put in the swimming pool ten years ago. It was the place to be!


Genny said…
Love Brodie and the frog!
Amie V said…
i was going to say the same as genny! and that i wish i had a pool in my back yard.

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